Icing Cake Dummies

icing cake dummy

icing cake dummyIcing Cake Dummies

Everyone will have their own technique when icing and decorating a polystyrene cake dummy.

Some just use a small amount of water on the cake dummy before applying the icing whereas other bakers may use edible glue or gel.

Some cake dummies have a sharp crisp edge and others have a bevelled or rounded edge. As a rule the rounded edge is more suitable to cover in sugar paste and the straight crisp edged cake dummies in royal icing.

Reusing Cake Dummies

It can be possible to reuse polystyrene cake dummies. This is easier if the cake dummy is initially made from high density polystyrene such as ours and not cheap low density polystyrene which can easily break around the edges. The cake dummy can be covered with cling film or similar prior to icing and decorating, and once used makes it easier to remove and keep the cake dummy clean for reuse.

Icing Cake Dummies