Decorating Cake Dummies: Unleashing Your Creative Potential

steam punk cake decoration

Cake dummies, also known as dummy cakes or styrofoam cakes, are the perfect canvases to experiment, practice, and showcase your artistic skills. These faux cakes provide a cost-effective and reusable alternative to real cakes, allowing decorators to create stunning displays for various occasions. Whether you’re a professional baker, an aspiring cake artist, or simply someone […]

Cake Dummy Shapes

Cake Dummy Shapes  There is a huge variety of cake dummies available today from the standard circular shape to very decorative multi tiered cake dummies. Cake dummy shapes can be seen below: Circular Cake Dummies Square Cake Dummies Oval Cake Dummies Octagonal / Hexagonal  Cake Dummies Heart Shaped Cake Dummies Petal Shaped Cake Dummies Fountain […]