Sometimes even custom cut standard size cake dummies are not enough. The huge cake dummies have been made by us to specific bespoke designs. These extreme cake dummies have been up to 4 feet diameter and over 8 feet tall in height. They generally are multi tiered but are a mixture of designs. We have made extra large birdcage dummies, extravagant super size castle cake dummies and large wedding cars. There is also a cake dummy replica of the royal wedding cake design.

Extra Large Custom Cake Dummies

Included in the gallery below is a large pagoda style dummy tiered cake. It was cut with three large diameter cylinders and intermediate layers of six sided pagoda levels. This was topped of with a six sided finial to get the finished design. We are happy to look at any huge cake dummy designs or design something that you would like made. If you have an enquiry for a large wedding cake dummy or a display piece for a competition please enquire here.