Mesh Cake Stencils

Mesh cake stencils are a way of decorating continuous edible decorative patterns on iced cakes or dummies. They are made from a very fine food safe  mesh material. Very detailed designs can be implemented due to the fine mesh material when compared to standard acrylic cake stencils.

Mesh Stencils v Acrylic Stencils 

Mesh Stencils are more flexible and therefore easier to wrap tightly against the outer edge of a round cake. The mesh material means that a more delicate and intricate pattern can be produced onto the icing. Mesh Stencils are perfect for using with royal icing . They can give an edible lace effect on the cakes but without using edible lace mats. Take a look at our cake mesh stencils which will give you a professional detailed finish to your iced cakes.

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