Petal Cake Dummies

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Petal Cake Dummies

Petal Cake Dummy will fit on top of a circular Dummy of the same diameter.

Available depth (height)  from 1″ (25mm) – 8″ (203mm)

Available diameter (width) from 4″ (102mm) – 24″ (610mm)

Supplied with a clean crisp edge.

High density expanded polystyrene Petal Cake Dummies. The material used is very dense and much better quality than most cake dummy suppliers in the UK. 

From: £1.70
From: £2.60
From: £3.15
From: £3.70

7" Deep Cake Dummies

7″ Deep Petal Cake Dummy

From: £3.90

8" Deep Cake Dummies

8″ Deep Petal Cake Dummy

From: £8.00