Wedding Cake Dummies

Wedding costs can spiral out of control and polystyrene wedding cake dummies can help with this. A full fake wedding cake can be used with other cake or cupcakes serves to guests. Alternatively layers or sections of the wedding cake can be real with other layers being made from polystyrene cake dummies and decorated to suit.

elaborate wedding cakeOne trick if using a cake dummy for a real wedding ceremony  is to have a wedge shaped section cut out from the cake dummy. This section can be made from real cake and iced to match the cake dummy. The wedding cake can be cut during the ceremony as normal. Once the fake wedding cake is taken to the kitchen, pieces of flat baked wedding cake decorated similar to the fake wedding cake can be cut and served to guests without anybody knowing.

Fake wedding cakes are becoming more popular due the cost of baking and decorating a real cake in multi layers. A false wedding cake made from cake dummies and real decorated cake from the kitchen can save you money.