Why Use Cake Dummies

Why Use Cake Dummies Polystyrene or Styrofoam cake dummies have numerous uses as an alternative to decorating a real cake. Cake dummies can be an inexpensive way of providing a cake shaped base or tiered cake.
  • Use a cake dummy to practice icing and decorating a real cake.
  • Cake dummies can be used as displays in shop fronts to show their cake decorating skills.
  • Make a fake wedding cake from cake dummies for wedding fairs and displays.
  • Cake dummies can be used as false layers in real wedding cakes.
  • Cake dummies can be made into a fully iced false cake especially for weddings or other celebrations with a flat decorated cake behind the scenes to be cut and served to guests.
  • Use special shaped cake dummies to decorate and show a portfolio of your cake decorating skills to attract business without making a real cake every time.
cushion cake dummiesThe use of cake dummies can save time, money and waste for decorating if the cake is not going to be eaten, such as used for competitions or display purposes. Polystyrene cake dummies can save valuable time as a real cake does not need to be made but they provide a strong stable base to practice your cake icing and decorating skills.