Cake Dummy Add Ons

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Cake Dummy Add Ons

Cake Dummy add ons are extra pieces or cut outs that can be added to a standard dummy order. The first of these add ons are hole cut outs and wedge cut outs.

Hole Cuts

Holes can be cut from single, two tier or three tier cake dummies. The hole can be circular in shape or oval. Please order the initial dummies required first and then specify which dummies you want the hole cut from when you order this add on.

Wedge Cuts

Wedges cut outs can be used for removing a wedge piece from the polystyrene dummy. This removed triangular wedge piece can be replaced with real cake to give the illusion that the whole cake is real when being cut.

Cake Dummy Add Ons

Arch Cut Outs


Cake Dummy Add Ons

Cake Dummy Wedge


Cake Dummy Add Ons

Heart Cut Outs

From: £3.00

Cake Dummy Add Ons

Hole Cut Outs

From: £2.50