Extra Deep Cake Dummies

custom cut cake dummy

Extra Deep Cake Dummies

Extra deep cake dummies have become the standard in the cake industry today. When we first stared supplying cake dummies around 6 years ago the standard depth was 3 inches. Sometimes we would get requests for 4 inches deep. Things have changed and grown over the last few years and the standard size of cake dummies seems to be 5 inches deep.

Demand in the cake and wedding industry has increased on the taller cake dummies and we get regular requests for much deep cake dummies. As we cut all our own dummies they are available to send out to our customers on the same day, every day. Unlike other cake decorating suppliers we never run out of stock, so you can be assured you can receive the cake dummies when you require them.


7″ Deep Cake Dummies can be bought here.

8″ Deep Cake Dummies can be bought here.

9″ – 12″ Deep Cake Dummies can be bought here.