What are Dummy Cakes

custom cut cake dummy

What are Dummy Cakes?

tall tiered dummy cake

Dummy Cakes or cake dummies as they are generally referred to are polystyrene blocks cut to the shape of cakes. Dummy cake tiers can be used to add extra height to a wedding cake to give the wow factor. These imitation polystyrene shapes can be cut to almost any shape and size enabling a cake decorator to make some very bold and interesting designs. Styles of dummies have changed over the years, with the height of the cakes becoming much more prominent. Real cake is not only expensive, but the weight of a fully decorated multi tier cake is substantial.

Why are Dummy Cakes used on Wedding Cakes?

Weddings are becoming more lavish than ever and the wedding cake is the centrepiece. The wedding cake needs to look stunning and individually tailored to the brides requirements. This often means huge cakes, multi tiered and unique designs and shapes. At CakeDummies.com we can design and cut unique wedding cake dummy creations to be one of a kind designs.Some of our designs can be seen in our gallery here.        

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