Cake Dummies for Wedding Cakes

Cake Dummies for Wedding Cakes Wedding cakes are getting bigger and more elaborate, but unfortunately this [...]

Cake Dummy Icing

Icing Cake Dummies Everyone will have their own technique when icing and decorating a polystyrene [...]

What are Dummy Cakes

What are Dummy Cakes ? Dummy Cakes or cake dummies as they are generally referred [...]

Extra Deep Cake Dummies

Extra Deep Cake Dummies Extra deep cake dummies have become the standard in the cake [...]

Dolls House Cake Dummy

This was done by The Little Cake Baker, Willow Drive, Flint The dolls house cake [...]

Tiered Hole Cake Dummies

Tiered Hole Cake Dummies Having had numerous requests for tiered holes in cake dummies we [...]

Wedding Cake Dummies

Wedding Cake Dummies Wedding costs can spiral out of control and polystyrene wedding cake dummies [...]

Huge Cake Dummies

Huge Cake Dummies Over the years cakes have become larger and more elaborate and so [...]

Cake Dummy Shapes

Cake Dummy Shapes  There is a huge variety of cake dummies available today from the [...]

Why Use Cake Dummies

Why Use Cake Dummies Polystyrene or Styrofoam cake dummies have numerous uses as an alternative [...]